A Fine New Playground

We are visiting the home of some of the humans’ friends.   (I know–it always surprises me too that they have any!)  It is quite a nice house–plenty of light, big rooms, many mirrors in which to admire myself.

Sigyn!  Look at this!  The owners have installed a frankly fantastic indoor jungle gym.  Let us try it out!  I want to check out the view from the top.

The ladder’s a little steep.  I don’t blame you for taking a little rest halfway.  Do you need a hand up?


Fandral’s mustache!  The view really is great from up here!  I can see all the way into the two-story foyer, and Sigyn is checking out the spacious kitchen from afar.


How do you want to get down?  We can go back down the ladder, or try this nifty escape rope.


The humans are quite excited about the house’s large chamber upstairs with plenty of room for playing games with lots of people.  That’s all well and good, but I think this secret tunnel with cozy room for just two is a much better feature.


And look at this!  When one tires of all the ladder-climbing and balcony-peering and rope- swinging and tunnel-hiding, there is an extremely comfortable circular hammock in which to recline.


Perfect place to relax!


Yes, all in all, I can unreservedly approve of this fine construct.  I shall have to convince the humans to install something similar in their house.


It might take up the entirety of the female’s “craft room,” but obviously, this takes precedence.  How can she deny Sigyn and me all the healthful climbing and swinging and resting we could do?  It’s not as if the human female is going to finish any of those craft projects anyway…

And how could she deprive Sigyn of the wonderful friends that naturally flock to such a superior edifice!


>|: [




    1. No, I think Sigyn and I would have it all to ourselves. The human male isn’t interested in secret forts, the female is too large to fit in any of the spaces, and the feline is too lazy to do anything but lie on the sofa and lick the male’s laptop computer.

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