A Curious Comestible, Part I: What the Heck?

Misguided persons, somehow not cognizant that the human female is definitely not in need of anything more to eat, especially not sweets, keep bringing her edible presents.  First it was a ton tin ton of Danish butter cookies. Then it was a whole burperware container of Korean sesame cookies (which are disappearing at an alarming rate.)  Today it is an oddly-shaped brown lump, straight from some place called Prague.

Come look at this, Sigyn!  Do you have any idea what it is?


Can you read this?  My Allspeak must not be working today.  I can’t make out anything on this label.


Except that it is about 295 calories more than the human female should be contemplating.

Help me turn it over so we can see the front.


Oh.  A conveniently descriptive note.  Pernik, eh?


Let me look that up.    Volstagg’s straining waistband!  I must take possession of this cookie!  My sources say it would be useful in my campaign of world conquest!

Uh, oh.  There’s a… a church on it.   That can’t be good.


>|: [

To be continued…


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