Did You Know…

…that if you sneak up behind a cat while it’s eating that it’s apt to get a little startled?



>|: [



  1. Wow, Loki is as effective as cucumbers when it comes to startling cats!!

    Maybe you should warn him not to soak in any hot tubs if the warm, inviting water is suspiciously briney and there are herbs and spices floating on top!

    1. My apologies!

      For minds that don’t leap as quickly from one odd thought to the next, please allow me to explain and fill in the gaps:

      Loki has some of the same talents as CUCUMBERS.

      Loki is small and green – not unlike GHERKINS

      He causes so much misery that some may feel he deserves to be PICKLED.

      I myself would not want him to actually become a curious comestible himself – and felt a warning might be in order.

      Aaaaaaaaaaand once again – if you have to explain it, it’s not really funny…

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