Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

I think I mentioned that BAMN, my beloved purchasing software program, the crown jewel in my kingdom of mischief against the human female, is going to be retired.   Oh, the countless hours of fun I have had with that, making her look up the product code for things like bull semen, Penicillium mold, and dead cats.  Losing requisitions.  Mangling receipts.  Making sixteen-digit PO numbers.

The University is supposed to be putting Aggie Buy back, the system that preceded BAMN.  It’s already showing up in the list of available options from the Single Sign-in system.  Not that they’re letting the human female get anywhere near it.

Guess she’s not select enough.

I am sad, of course, to see BAMN go.  However, I have something new up my fashionable, armored sleeve.  It’s a new Human Resources software package called “Workday,” something that will handle all of the personnel, timekeeping, benefits, performance, and hiring information for the whole University.  The roll-out campaign is called HELIOS.


Don’t let the fact that the logo includes an incoming Fireball of Doom worry you at allThings are going to be juuuuust fine.


>|: [


  1. this seems very much like our last go-live project where the mascot was someone on a rocket (moving upward!). we all thought it should have been a picture of that guy from the end of Dr. Strangelove that strapped himself to the nuclear bomb. WAY more accurate.

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