Things That Go Drip, Piddle, Ooze

There are a lot of aquaria in the human female’s workplace.  Many of the laboratory classrooms have them so that the students can observe squiggly things up close, and learn about pH and algal bloom, and happy predator species that treat the soft-bodied invertebrates like their own personal smorgasbord (chocolate chip starfish, we’re looking at you.)  The smaller tanks house a thoughtful fish or two; the larger ones are miniature reef ecosystems.  Sigyn could watch things swimming for hours–the real-life nature action never stops.

Not much is happening in this one today, though.


By Jörmungandr‘s pointy fangs!  No wonder!  There are but a scant four inches of water left in it!

Hmmm.  I wonder if this has anything at all to do with the little holes I poked in its filter/circulation pump/gasketing?


Naaah.  Probably not…

Pro Tip:  Students of villainy should remember–always wait for the first lab day of the semester for mischief like this, so that the Prep Staff and Lab Coordinator are scurrying around with mops and fishnets, trying to get up all the water and rescue all the uncooperative critters.  Adds a dash of drama to the mundane reading of the syllabus.

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