Day: February 3, 2017

Mr. Sherman Makes a Very Good Trap

The Prep Staff where the human female works have been thinking they smell a mouse in one of the prep rooms.  Sigyn thinks mice are “cute,” but we all know they’re beady-eyed, pestiferous, disease-riddled, thieving little demons.  Being soft-hearted wimps, the human female and her staff have borrowed some live-catch Sherman traps to try to catch the beast without killing it.

The human female has carefully baited the traps with a dab of peanut butter, which she swears has worked for her in the past.  (Why does it not surprise me that she has experience with domicilar vermin infestation?)

She has placed the traps variously about the workplace–two in the room with the funny smell and the suspicious droppings (?) and one in the break room, where one might reasonably assume a rodent would like to scurry about, leaving a trail of pestilence and poops.


Time to check the traps!  Did we catch anything?  Has the murine miscreant been compassionately corralled?

Here’s the one in the break room.  It’s snuggled up next to the fridge.


Place your wagers…

I shall now turn it around…


Nary a footprint!  The peanut butter is entirely intact.

Moving on!  This is the one near the door in the funny-smell room.  This is where the droppings have been seen.


Amazing. Do you see that?  No mousie, but the peanut butter is completely gone!  Every last particle!  (My money is on “enormous cockroach,” but that’s a story for another day.)

Here’s the last trap, which has been under the sink in the funny-smell room.  It’s been sprung, and I can hear something small and light scrabbling around inside!


Holding myself ready to grab the little dickens (without being bitten!), I shall nudge the trap open with Gungnir.


Here goes!


Sigyn, I think we need to have a little talk about your peanut butter addiction.

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