Day: February 6, 2017

A Bit of Botany (Sigyn Speaks)

Hello!  I’m with the human female at the herbarium today.  I tried to get Loki to come with us because he’s been feeling cooped up lately, since it’s been too cold for walks.  But apparently he’s having a Grumpy Day and doesn’t want to play with plants and databases and fun things like that.  Poor Loki.  I’ll leave him to sulk, and by the time I get home, he’ll be all smiles again.  I hope.

Ooo!  Someone left a whole bunch of little white paper bags on the worktable.  I wonder what’s in them?


Look!  Moss!  I just love moss!  It’s so soft–like a botanical kitty!  I always want to pet it.

And this little one has cute little spore capsules!   Bryophytes are so cool!


(later)  I had so much fun helping the human female hunt down and correct errors in the database.  But the BEST THING about today is what we found growing by the car as we were leaving.


Henbit!  Little purple hand puppets. Spring is coming!!!

: )