Day: February 7, 2017

She’s Eating *What*?

The human female would like everyone to think she eats healthfully.  Hah!  Last night, while she thought no one was looking, I saw her finish off a quart of pumpkin spice ice cream.  It wasn’t a full pint, true, but still.

Today she’s eating some fancy-shmancy yogurt cup.


I think the yogurt maker has a dartboard with different ingredients and just throws darts to come up with the flavors.  Honey lavender?  Bleargh.  What, were they out of persimmon-toejam and ginger-nasturtium?

On top of that, it isn’t even actually lavender.  Dammit, I wanted to watch her struggle to eat something purple.


Urrr.  Look at the ingredients!  I don’t know about you, but log protein is not something I want in my yogurt…

>|: [