What We Found In the Park, Part I: Posies

It’s that time of year again.  Time to go out and hunt for the human female’s favorite spring flower.  They should be up by now.

And here it is!  The second bluet of the season!


Oh, Sigyn and the human female found the first one, all right–and then a dog ran up from nowhere, flung itself down on the flower and rolled it into oblivion, knocking Sigyn over and startling the human female into some totally useless flailing and yelling.

Thankfully, everyone is fine and there are more bluets over here.


Sigyn, are you going to hug each one individually?


Perhaps not, but I think she is going to greet them one by one, including the tiny, tiny white ones.


Even two at a time, this could take a while…


to be continued…

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