What We Found In the Park, Part I: More Posies and… Whatever These Are

Having cooed over all the bluets, Sigyn is now looking for spring beauties.  There’s quite a lot of real estate in this park to cover and not a lot of them are blooming, so I’ll use my magic to nudge her in the right direction.



Sigyn is happy to enjoy this one in peace.  Last year, that mangy hyena Fisi tried to eat them, which is why we left the beast at home this time.

While Sigyn hunts for more of them, I think I’ll follow the human female around and see what else I can find.  The human female says there should be henbit and herb sherard and bur clover and…   I absolutely do not care if we find those plants, but if she puts her hand in a patch of nettles while fossicking about, I want to be there so I can laugh.

Ooookay.  This is…   bizarre.  Not nettles.  Not bluets or spring beauties or henbit or herb sherard or bur clover, either.

Nope.  It’s–



You know, I got nothin.’



>|: [


  1. I wonder who on earth chewed up some ginormous stuffed chicken and left only the FEET? Hey – Maybe the dog that rolled over the flowers yesterday was just trying to wipe the chicken off his face!

    1. After some reflection and a few judicious internet searches, I’m convinced that the feet are remnants of some Year of the Rooster celebratory object, possibly one involving fireworks. In which case, WHY was I not invited to help make things go BOOOM?!

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