Day: March 9, 2017

How to Have Fun at the Grocery Store, Part III: Tease the Merchandise

While Sigyn is busy sitting in tulips, I am checking out the rest of the things in the floral department.  She’s the flower fiend, so I scarcely know what I’m looking at, but maybe I can find something else she’d like to sit in.

Oh, ho!  What is this!  Something monstrously carnivorous!  A bug-eating plant!


I wonder how quickly the traps close?  Let me just poke–

Hogun’s topknot, that was fast!  I barely escaped unscathed!  This is the perfect sort of vegetation to add to the gardens around my palace-to-be.  A little magic, and they will grow large enough to eat trespassers and keep dogs off the royal lawn.  And bite the human female, too.  She bugs me.

>|: [