How to Have Fun at the Grocery Store, Part III: Tease the Merchandise

While Sigyn is busy sitting in tulips, I am checking out the rest of the things in the floral department.  She’s the flower fiend, so I scarcely know what I’m looking at, but maybe I can find something else she’d like to sit in.

Oh, ho!  What is this!  Something monstrously carnivorous!  A bug-eating plant!


I wonder how quickly the traps close?  Let me just poke–

Hogun’s topknot, that was fast!  I barely escaped unscathed!  This is the perfect sort of vegetation to add to the gardens around my palace-to-be.  A little magic, and they will grow large enough to eat trespassers and keep dogs off the royal lawn.  And bite the human female, too.  She bugs me.

>|: [



  1. The human female actually had a couple of those when she was a youngster. They were quite fun to watch. However, they don’t live very long, no matter how many flies you feed it. And no, we didn’t offer hamburger meat.

    PS Audrey is the perfect name

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