Time For Some Yardwork

It’s spring!  In fact, it’s Spring Break.  The students have all decamped and the town’s residents can breathe, drive, and eat out.  It’s also time for the human female to get back out in the yard, clean things up a bit, and work off some of that winter fat.

This backyard elm seedling has shiny new leaves.


First dangle of the season!

Look how tiny these new leaves are.  Stigyn says the flappy pink things are called stipules.  Hahahaha!  She stipulates that these are stipules.  Botany pun!


The human female’s projects for today are some pruning and weeding.  The various little saplings she’s letting grow up need to be limbed up a bit if she’s ever going to be able to mow around them.  Here are the implements of destruction.  Pruning shears, and a folding saw with wicked little teeth.


I like it.

(later) Well, that was a good morning’s work (for her.)  I got to watch and laugh as she got tangled in greenbriar vine, pricked her fingers on a seedling gum bumelia, had her hat picked off by low hanging branches, and lost her pruners in the mulch more than once.  It was raining, too, so she got good and damp and muddy as she scrabbled about under the shrubbery getting up last year’s long, dead grass.

Here’s the haul, along with that big black bag full of weedy bits.


And because she was working so hard, I invited some of the neighbors over to participate.  Little, buzzy, thirsty neighbors.  Which is why she now has a big welt on her adam’s apple, a kind of fat lip, one eye that is swollen part way shut and itchy, and a huge Dumbo ear that is big, red, itchy, hot, and sticking away from her head at a 90 degree angle.  Great Frigga’s corset!  She’s more hideous than usual.   Guess it’s time to hide the insect repellent, eh?

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