A Bit of Spring Cleaning

The human female, emboldened, I suppose, by the tidying of the yard, has decided to do a bit of tidying up inside as well.  Today’s chore:  sweeping.

Now, most mortals will sweep up some dust bunnies from time to time, but the humans with whom I reside have free ranging dust buffaloes.  Snap to it, human!  I want to see the floor sparkle.

Odin’s  Eyepatch!  This is disgusting!

It’s like a forensics puzzle to figure out what’s in here.


I can identify:

  • ficus leaves
  • human hair
  • cat fur
  • tortilla chip crumbs
  • paper
  • cereal crumbs
  • thread ends
  • bits of grass
  • more cat fur
  • glitter (pre-Yule in origin)
  • sand
  • tiny fabric snippets
  • failed New Year’s resolutions
  • mortification

And that’s just the dining room…

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