A Most Perilous Visit, Part I: New Faces

A visit to the Big City to the South usually includes a visit to the human female’s knittery friend and her family.  There is a new baby in that house.  Sigyn wants to see it, but I’m not as keen.  In my experience baby humans just grow up to be humans, and once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

There is another new resident in the house, but he seems not to be as cuddly.


Unhand my beloved and put me down.  And no funny business!

Slepnir’s fetlocks, that was close!  I did manage to poke him enough to make him put us down.  And just to really teach him not to mess with Loki–Hey, what’s this slot back here?


(Shake, shake.)  I her jingling!  This miscreant has swallowed some coinage!   I think I will turn him inside out and see if I can come up with enough to go out for ice cream.

And who is THIS handsome person?  He cuts quite a dashing figure and I swear he looks familiar…


The human female is laughing and pointing at me behind her hand.  He may have a magnificent horned helmet such as I wear, but I will have you know I have NEVER worn green socks!


Hey! Fisi, NO!  Do not bite the glorious green cape!  NO!  Bad  hyena!  Who let you out of the car, anyway?


But you have my blessing to chew on those green socks…


Grrr.  Go get ’em!

>|: [


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