When One Market Isn’t Enough

Odin’s eyepatch!  One enormous food market wasn’t enough for the humans. They’ve crossed the Big City to the South to visit another one.  This one specializes in “ethnic” food from all over.   I bet they don’t have anything Asgardian or Jotun.  They really can’t call themselves universal if they only carry goods from one realm.

I think I will have to chivvy Sigyn past the produce.  She does love a good miniature pear.

phoenicia 1

I can’t say I blame her.   Those are some pretty cute little pomes.

Sigyn’s wondering how this colorful spoon was made.  Near as I can figure, sorcery.

phoenicia 3

I think I shall demand the human female buy me one to eat my morning porridge with!

Multiple choice question:   Which of the following (if any) is/are correct?

a)  it is a little late for Yule cookies

b) it is odd to have a very very very Caucasian Santa on Mexican Yule cookies.  (I know, I know,  Spanish colonization, etc., etc., but he is SO pasty!)

c) Santa looks like he is hopped up on something a wee bit stronger than sabor vainilla.

d) all of the above

phoenicia 4

On to the candy section!  Not that the human female can HAVE any right now.  Ehehehehehe…

Nope, no chocolate dinosaurs for her!

phoenicia 5

No lobster poop, neither.

phoenicia 6

I believe I can, however, get her a dispensation to eat the bear poop.  (She just shouldn’t be surprised when, you know, those things actually taste like bear poop.)

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