Oops. We Both Goofed, Part II: Afters

You wouldn’t think that after all of that babagawhatsit, chicken, vegetables, rice, barberries, bread, and assorted chlorophyllous greenstuff, we wouldn’t have room for anything else, but you’d be wrong!

Mortals usually are.

We have brought home a package of what purports to be dessert.  The human female can’t have any, but we sure can!  I can’t read half of this, though, Sigyn, can you?


Cookies made out of peas?  Are you sure that’s a good idea?  Or wait–it says “chickpeas.”  Is that a typo?  Is it chicken and peas?  Frankly, that sounds even worse!

poke, poke, poke.  Should cookies be crumbly and sandy?


I don’t trust them.

>|: [

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