Day: April 7, 2017

Jewelry By the Numbers–A Story by Loki

Once upon the time, the human female rummaged through her bead box and made herself an earring.  It had an opal glass bead, an iridescent blue lentil-shaped bead, some smaller beads, and a shiny silver earwire.


It was so beautiful that she loved it immediately and made herself another just like it.


She wore them and wore them, and really, it was only a matter of time before she lost one and had only one left.


(It might have had some help getting lost…)

The human female was very sad, because she liked those earrings very much.  So she dug through her bead box again and fished out the very last of her opal glass beads.  She made herself another earring that was just like the lost one and the one she still had.  It was good to have a pair again, and she was very happy.


She wore them and wore them, and months went by.  Then the inevitable happened.  She lost one down the sofa while she was being a lardbutt  working on the computer.  Then she was down to one again.


It was very, very sad.

When she was done being a lardbutt computering, she dug and dug and fished and groped, and behold!


The missing earring was found and she had a pair again!  She jumped up joyfully–

–and something clattered to the floor.


And she lived happily ever after.*

The End.

>|: [

*Or at least until I get bored again…