Day: April 13, 2017

Out on the Town, Trying to Pick Up Chicks

The local markets have been full of all the trippings and trappings of the annual Eater Bunny celebration for well over a month now.  Sigyn and the human female like to stop to squee over all the “cute” things.  I have tagged along on today’s shopping trip,  just to curb their enthusiasm and make sure that not too much junk follows them home.*


Really, dearest?  You want four bright yellow fluffy fake fowlettes with seriously beady eyes?  I know you think they’re cute, but I simply cannot imagine anything sillier.

Except perhaps a six-pack…


Or the pastel jobbies in the background.

>|: [

*It’s my personal theory that the inferior “chocolate” used in seasonal molded rabbits gives off fumes that make mortals susceptible to the lures of plush animals in colors not found in nature, misshapen marshmallow birds, shredded cellophane, stale jelly beans, dyed wicker, and blown-out eggs filled with confetti and malice.