More Suspect Seasonal Decor

There is NO END IN sight.  If it can be tarted up for the upcoming holiday, there are decorations for it (whether they make sense or not.)

Want to make your cookies or cupcakes a little more festive?

Behold!  Sugar and dye, ready to hand.


Because nothing says, “Happy Spring” like candy severed bunny heads.

Does your mantel or end table need a fake lagomorph covered in faux bryophytes?

If so, you’re in luck!


Uh, Sigyn, you may not want to hug that thing.  I mean, I hope those are meant to be mossy topiaries, but what if they’re back stock of  unsold chocolate rabbits from last year?

Oh.  The label says “DEC POLYRESIN BUNNY.”  So, plastic.  Or is “DEC” short for “deceased”????

Moving on.

If you are on the hunt for something soft and cuddly, something to love and cherish, something that epitomizes all the whimsy and gentleness of the season,





rare and

adorable creature

known as the


bunny sloth.

>|: [

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