Day: April 17, 2017

A Visit From the Eater Bunny, Part I: Quite The Stash

The humans spent an exhausting several days in the celebration of their annual pursuit of the Eater Bunny.  They came home from one of their long, churchy observances and fell straight into bed in an attempt to rectify the sleep deficit.  In their shambling grogginess, they overlooked the fact that they left a basket of goodies unattended.


I think the human male left this for the human female.  It’s bound to be just loaded  with goodies.  She’s always whining about her weight, though, so it would be a kindness to lessen the temptation of having all of it around.

Sigyn is definitely intrigued.  She and the human share similar taste in confectionery, the only difference being that Sigyn can actually eat chocolate.


Ooo!   Cookies!  These will be good with the strawberries and ice cream that I’ve seen stashed in the fridge.  The number of cookies is not stated on the package, nor the number of berries on the carton, so no one will notice if there are a few of both missing.


No, Sigyn, sorry.  I don’t think they come with the marshmallow and melted chocolate already installed.  See that tiny writing?  “Serving suggestion”?  That is legalese for “don’t be stupid enough to think what’s in the package is going to look like the photo.”

Hmm.  This bag of candy doesn’t look very holiday-ish.  But I appreciate the tiny despot on the label!


These are supposed to be REALLY sour inside.   Sort of like the human female.

Let’s tip the basket over and see what else there is…

Odin’s eyepatch!  This is too much sugar for anyone.


Let’s eat it all.

Now wait just a calorie-infested minute!  This is another one of those sour gummy octopi heptopi!  It’s a stretchy, limb-deficient, multi-flavored, multi-hued cephalopod.


Really, humans?  No bunnies?  No ducklings?  Nary a peep of a Peep?


Sigyn’s enthusiastic, but I’m not at all impressed.  I went to a lot of trouble to knock over that basket, and I want something festiveThere’d better be something good in some of those other packages, or I’m going to be very cranky.

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