Day: April 18, 2017

A Visit From the Eater Bunny, Part II: This Is More Like It, Yet Somehow It’s Too Much.

Sigyn and I are examining the contents of some of the other candy packets.  These are much more like what I expected treats left by the Eater Bunny to be.

Sparkly, sour bunnies.  It was kind of the Eater Bunny to leave them in our favorite colors (more proof the human female shouldn’t have these!)


I understand that the accepted custom is to commence noshing with the ears.   But doing so now would distress my beloved, so I will defer the carnage until later.  In the meantime, Sigyn has befriended the bunnies and insists we see to their needs.  It’s a good thing we have some candy carrots with which to do so!


Idunn’s Little Apples!  This is one limp, wobbly carrot!  I am no botanist, but I believe the taproots of Daucus carota should not bend in such a fashion.


Augh!  More bunnies!  A whole rainbow of rubbery, gummy lagomorphs!  They’re breeding like, well, rabbitsI am surrounded by twitchy noses.


I think perhaps I have been spending too much time with the human female, because I see this array and start thinking of genetics– the orange one appears to be a hybrid of the red and the yellow, while the greenish one presumably has yellow and blue heritage.  The purple one, presumably, has some form of melanism…

I have GOT to get out more…

Thor’s bitty ball-peen!  The carrots have attracted a humongous, floppy swine!


Sigh.  Which, of course, Sigyn is now feeding with another of the rubber carrots.


And apparently it’s a female, because NOW THERE ARE PIGLETS!


This is getting entirely out of hand.

And now we are being visited by two gargantuan, gummy lepidopterans!  The flappy things are big enough to carry off my beloved, should they choose to do so.  Avaunt, foul flutterbyes!


I will admit, I am more than a little creeped out by these oversized flappers, but Sigyn is just squealing with delight.

Oh, well.  At least she’s having fun.

>|: [