Day: April 27, 2017

My Life Is So Surreal

I have seen plenty of odd things in my life—Thor’s hair first thing in the morning, what’s under Odin’s eyepatch, the Jotunheim version of the Eurovision Song Contest, the contents of the human female’s backpack, and whatever it was the cat horked up last.  But every now and then, the absurdities of the human female’s workplace just sort of leave me speechless.

Take this for example.  I…. I have no explanation.  I was under the impression that she and her cohorts knew how to use a bookshelf, but clearly, I was misinformed.


But hold!  There’s a note on the stack of books.

By Jormungandr’s pointy fangs!  Just what is going on here?


Sigyn is more than a little apprehensive.  She was once nearly devoured by a reptilian behemoth, so her skittishness is understandable. (She is fine with small ones, but something big is happening here.)  I myself have reason to be wary of serpents.

Oh! Oh!  The human female is removing the books!  Sigyn, be ready to run if the snake is in a bad mood.  (And honestly, wouldn’t you be a little tetchy, if someone had piled a couple of hundred pounds of out-of-date-textbooks upon you?

Ah.  The sign, it transpires, was accurate.  It is only the skin of the snake which was under the books.   Look at that!   It is approximately one human female in length and a very, very perfect shed!


You can see every scale and all its markings.  Look, Sigyn!   You can even see the little bubbles that were over its eyes!


The assembled humans, who are (what is the term?) geeking out over this keratinous curiosity, say that this is a rat snake, to wit Elaphe obsoleta.

The skin is lighter than paper, and very fragile.  However will they preserve it as a teaching specimen?



You know, the human female gets spam email and unwanted catalogs from the Vendor of Laminating supplies all the blasted time.  I wonder if they know what she is doing with their products?

>|: [