Day: May 1, 2017

Loki Loves Labels

Tsk, tsk.  The humans have to have part of the house repainted.  It faces south, and the summer sun has bleached the dark green (of which I actually approve) to a chalky sludge color.  It’s uneven and looks positively leprous.  They know they have some extra paint in the garage.  They don’t want to *use* it, because it has failed so spectacularly —but they do want to match it.   It was a custom color, and the hope is that the label will have the mixing instructions.

But what’s this?  (Ehehehehehe!)  They have found not one but two old cans.

This one…


…which says ” blue” but shows some green dribblage around the opening and has a green test spot.

Then there is this monstrosity:


Not one, not two, but THREE different labels!   Does that meant the humans– or the paint tinter– changed their mind?  Or do they reflect progressive changes to the color?  Does the paint inside correspond to one of the labels, all three of them, or something else entirely?  Or did a certain bored godling have some fun with a label maker???

So the painter is here now.  He has slapped some of the first one on the house and behold!  It is pretty secure in its identity.  It is a nice, confident grayish-tealish-blue and clashes magnificently with the house.  (I think it might be the color of the doors from the living room to the back yard and the garage, but really, you would have to ask Sigyn.  She has a very good eye for matching colors.)

The second can is definitely more of a match for the rest of the house–but which of the labels is right???

The painter has taken the can away to try to match it in a better type of paint.  I’m not sure, but I think there will an extra “idiot” charge on whatever he brings back.

And here he is!  It looks like he and the paint store were able to figure out something.  It’s carefully and clearly labeled.  You know, for next time.

(scrape, scrape, scrape…)


>|: [