Day: May 4, 2017


The human female is out at the herbarium again, identifying plants.  Usually she is all alone out here, but it looks like someone has taken over the empty desk next to the human female’s.

I find this very surprising.  I can only assume that this means this person, whoever it is, has not met the human female, or else s/he would have requested a spot waaaaay on the other side of the facility–which, given that the herbarium is housed in a gigantic warehouse, would be a not inconsiderable distance.

Come, Sigyn, let us rifle this unattended desk for valuables   leave a charming welcome note for this new and unsuspecting coworker.

Fenrir’s fleacollar!  Sigyn, get back!  The unknown owner of this desk has left some sort of vicious guard beast to protect his/her belongings!


Sigyn wants to make friends, but I don’t trust this sucky-faced creature!  Back off, you neon-green cone-of-shame wearing varmint, or you will become acquainted with the pointy end of Gungnir…

>|: [