Day: May 12, 2017

Birthday Baubles

It is my dearest sweetie’s birthday today!  Once again we are visiting one of the museums on campus, the one that has all the beautiful glass.  (Sigyn really, REALLY likes paperweights!)

Sigyn has started with some skillfully rendered flowers.


See–I have given roses to my beloved on her special day.  Let no one say that Loki, Ruler of Midgard, is not a true romantic.


No, Sigyn.  I do not think the birdie can come out to play.

Oh, this one is interesting.  A sphere with bits lopped off.


I suppose that does let one see the poppies inside.  If that’s what they are.  I can’t be bothered to learn all the names of real Midgardian plants—what makes you think I spend any time trying to recognize little glass ones?

Oh, now this one is nice.  The black background is quite effective.  I myself, though I prefer to accentuate my garb with green (it brings out my eyes), am quite fond of black.


The human female (who let HER tag along?!) says that paperweight number 7 is a bird-of-paradise.  Doesn’t look like a bird to me.

This is what a bird looks like, bird-brain:


The human female’s mother and the human male’s mother are both quite fond of hummingbirds.   Sigyn likes them nearly as much.  I suppose since this paperweight is numbered, the museum staff know they have it and would miss it if it were to… take a little “leave of absence” from the case.

No birds here.  Just bees.  Well, bees and a peony.   Bees and a peony and the most beautiful little face on Midgard!


Time for some refreshments!  How about some strawberries, my love?


Be careful, though.  I don’t think green ones are ripe.


Happy Birthday, Dearest!

>|: ]