Day: May 18, 2017

Yes, We Are Still Here

For a small museum, there is a lot going on here today!  Now we are looking at an exhibit of drawings of the largely-ruined friezes on a building that the mortals call “The Parthenon.”  It really is in terrible shape.  On Asgard, we know how to take care of our nice architecture.

Here is the artist’s rendition of what one of the carvings used to look like.


Now, I’m no expert, but there doesn’t seem to be much connecting the horses to that chariot.  We also seem to be missing a number of hind legs.

There is a little model of the building that someone has made out of wood.


I want to go inside to look around, but the prune-faced lady at the reception desk seems to have been hired specifically to Disapprove of anything other than just looking at the exhibits from a distance.  Either that, or someone spit in her oatmeal this morning.

Now where has Sigyn got off to, while I was staring at the cranky lady and wishing her a head full of bees?   Did she wander back out to look at the glass again?

Oh, there you are, dearest!  What is it that has you so fascinated?



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