Day: May 30, 2017

Not So Much Need For A Bulldozer– Mine, Now

The humans have finally finished with their spring cleaning, now that summer is nearly upon us.

Great Frigga’s corset!  Look at this!  Who knew there was MONEY under all that paper, ink, and crumbs on the dining room table?


Do you recognize these coins, my beloved? They are not from this realm.  No, I believe they pertain to the place where we vacationed last year.  See?  There is that lady on yours.  She had her face on everything over there.   (Can you believe it has been a whole year already? Time flies when you are causing mischief.)


Wait.  Why is yours all shiny and pretty and mine all black and corroded?


Oh, I see what it is now.  It is a whole series of coins, depicting a succession of monarchs, from Old Lady With a Funny Hat through Impressive Mustaches and Facing the Wrong Way, all the way to Lady Whose Reign is Nearly as Long as Odin’s.


I’ll be back in a bit, Sigyn.   I’m just off to check some numismatic websites to see if Old Lady in a Funny Hat is worth anything…


>|: [