Month: May 2017

One Last Bit of Mischief

We’ve looked at about everything in the gallery today, but I’ve a bit more mischief to do.

In the classroom, they have an ancient Midgardian device for listening to audio recordings of a type that decays as you listen.


Hmm.  It’s all right, if you like that sort of thing, but it’s little boring.  I think I will change every track on each of these albums to something a little more exciting.

While I’m taking care of this, Sigyn is exploring a display of the museum’s recent acquisitions.

And indulging in a bit of social commentary.

defiant girl

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Yes, We Are Still Here

For a small museum, there is a lot going on here today!  Now we are looking at an exhibit of drawings of the largely-ruined friezes on a building that the mortals call “The Parthenon.”  It really is in terrible shape.  On Asgard, we know how to take care of our nice architecture.

Here is the artist’s rendition of what one of the carvings used to look like.


Now, I’m no expert, but there doesn’t seem to be much connecting the horses to that chariot.  We also seem to be missing a number of hind legs.

There is a little model of the building that someone has made out of wood.


I want to go inside to look around, but the prune-faced lady at the reception desk seems to have been hired specifically to Disapprove of anything other than just looking at the exhibits from a distance.  Either that, or someone spit in her oatmeal this morning.

Now where has Sigyn got off to, while I was staring at the cranky lady and wishing her a head full of bees?   Did she wander back out to look at the glass again?

Oh, there you are, dearest!  What is it that has you so fascinated?



>|: o

There’s A Red One And A Blue One And A Pink One And A Yellow One

Look, beloved!   There are more brightly-colored trinkets over here.

Sigyn has a fondness for red glass, but I have my eye on that green one…


In my previous post, I made the connection between fish and glass, and  you thought I was just making a wild simile metaphor analogy literary device thingy.

Shows what you know.  Behold:


That is a genuine fish vase.   The human female says it is probably for putting trout lilies in.  (She needs a smacking soooo bad.)

And, as if that were not enough, here is a fish pitcher.


I thought about inserting a baseball-themed fish pun here, but decided this was not the proper plaice for one.

Sigyn, come look at this weird little piece.  What do you think it is?


The card says it’s a perfume bottle, but wouldn’t it spend its whole life rolling off the dressing table?  Some artist spent weeks working on something that is just going to fall and smash on its first day of use.  Pathetic. That’s what it is—pathetic.

The theme of this next part of the exhibit seems to be the Exotic East or some such.

Hence: pyramids!


Why the storks overflying the  Egyptian pyramids are drawn in the Chinese style is explained on the little exhibit card.  Sloppy curating, that’s what that is.

More Egyptian-themed goodies:


A glass vase shaped like a chunk of elephant tusk.


News flash:  No one actually believes that is ivory.

This one, on the other hand, does look sort of ivory-ish.

cabochon vase

The cabochons, alas, are not actual rubies.  Too bad–I’d have had enough to buy my own fish vase.

Sigyn, I think we have found the stereotype portion of the exhibit.

Scratch that.  I think we have found the three-legged camel portion of the collection.  Exhibit A :


Aaaaand, Exhibit B:


Quite possibly, these unbalanced ships of the desert are a bit odd when it comes to limb number and placement.  No sleek luxury craft, these.  No, indeed!  These are ancient tripedal scows, paint peeling and crew swearing, lurching their way across a glassy sea.

A body could get motion sick just looking at this stuff.

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One Mortal’s Trash is Another One’s Treasure

Sigyn enjoyed looking at the paperweights and cameo glass, but there is so much more to see here at the gallery.

Take this room, for example.  It’s entirely full of TRASH.  That’s right, all of the “art” in this display is made out of junk.

This colorful tropical reef is aaaall made out of would-be plastic junk and paper.


See?  Up close, it is easy to see that all the fish are made from recycled bottles.

museum trashfish

Someone drank a LOT of water.

The other wall has a collage of little bits and pieces stuck on popsicle sticks and all painted white.  It’s a big thing—this is just a little part of it.


Hmm.  I’m not sure I see the point of this one.  Unless they had the local Good Humor Man save all the discarded ice cream sticks from all his customers for a whole year, those sticks weren’t trash.  And someone probably bought all those little wooden shapes special for this project.  This isn’t recycling at all.  Fake!  Fake art!

I don’t even think it’s installed correctly.  Look at that upper-leftish panel, the one with all the hearts.  The upside down hearts.

Besides, what did they do with all the glue and paint containers after they made this art?  Were they properly recycled into more art?  On the one hand, for the good of this realm, I hope they were, but Great Frigga’s hairpins!  For the sake of my eyes, I hope that they weren’t!

>|: [

In Which I Admit That Maybe I Should Have Had A Snack Before Visiting The Museum

There’s more glass on display here at the Runyon Collection besides the paperweights.  The collection is heavy on cameo glass.  Let me explain that for your tiny mortal brains.  Imagine a glass sandwich.  Then imagine carving the top piece of bread in fancy patterns so that the tunafish shows through, or even digging down to expose the bottom piece of bread.

Drat.  Now I’m hungry.

The museum staff rotate the displays so there is always something new.  By Heimdal’s Golden Helmet, those Runyons have a lot of glass.  (Which makes me think that they really would not miss one or two pieces here and there.)


Sigyn is thrilled because a lot of this display is a nice, strawberryish red.

Someone who was a Plant Nerd designed this one.  Sigyn likes it a lot.


I prefer this next one.  It has bindweed, which is tenacious and pernicious and altogether a pain in the neck for farmers.  (The label says morning glories, but the human female says bindweed, and she knows about pernicious, being so herself.)


Look, Sigyn! This one symbolizes our love.  It has passionflowers.


And because flowers need something to pollinate them:


If the first couple were strawberry, that one is lemonade.

Then there’s strawberry lemonade…


Drat.  Now I’m hungry AND thirsty.

>|: [


Birthday Baubles

It is my dearest sweetie’s birthday today!  Once again we are visiting one of the museums on campus, the one that has all the beautiful glass.  (Sigyn really, REALLY likes paperweights!)

Sigyn has started with some skillfully rendered flowers.


See–I have given roses to my beloved on her special day.  Let no one say that Loki, Ruler of Midgard, is not a true romantic.


No, Sigyn.  I do not think the birdie can come out to play.

Oh, this one is interesting.  A sphere with bits lopped off.


I suppose that does let one see the poppies inside.  If that’s what they are.  I can’t be bothered to learn all the names of real Midgardian plants—what makes you think I spend any time trying to recognize little glass ones?

Oh, now this one is nice.  The black background is quite effective.  I myself, though I prefer to accentuate my garb with green (it brings out my eyes), am quite fond of black.


The human female (who let HER tag along?!) says that paperweight number 7 is a bird-of-paradise.  Doesn’t look like a bird to me.

This is what a bird looks like, bird-brain:


The human female’s mother and the human male’s mother are both quite fond of hummingbirds.   Sigyn likes them nearly as much.  I suppose since this paperweight is numbered, the museum staff know they have it and would miss it if it were to… take a little “leave of absence” from the case.

No birds here.  Just bees.  Well, bees and a peony.   Bees and a peony and the most beautiful little face on Midgard!


Time for some refreshments!  How about some strawberries, my love?


Be careful, though.  I don’t think green ones are ripe.


Happy Birthday, Dearest!

>|: ]


The human female’s work group tends to make a medium-sized deal about birthdays.  I wouldn’t say big deal, because there are no parades, no fireworks, and no maidens throwing flowers, which is how I like my birthdays.   No, around here it’s more than just, “Hey, you look older.”  Somewhere in the neighborhood of, “We all signed a card and someone made cake.  We may or may not sing.”

Today is the human female’s boss’ birthday, and the human female made the cake.  Or rather, a dozen little cakes.  She put lemon in and on them, and I must admit they look pretty good.


Everyone is busy munching and saying that they’re good.  Nothing fancy, but they’ll do.

Enter the surprise delivery of anonymous, richly chocolate cupcakes decorated with dipped strawberries and cleverly-constructed faux succulents.


No one wants your raggedy old lemon things now, DO they?

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