I Wonder How Often This Gets Clicked

The workings of the Department of Fixing and Mending are byzantine and strange.  I mean, look at the bottom of this part of their work request website.  (This is a screencap of one of the human female’s “My ceiling is leaking” episodes.)


There is a special group that has to exist because the University can’t keep track of its real estate?!  How many edifices go missing each year?

Your tax dollars at work, folks.

>|: [


  1. Is there, perhaps, a vortex or portal that routinely swallows rooms and then spits them out in a different section of campus?

  2. Quite possibly. There is one building on campus in which the rooms are just sort of randomly numbered. Possibly this is a composite building made up of rooms missing from other structures.

  3. Perhaps they realized they had a surfeit of space and a certain Green Overlord was able to swindle a few rooms away magically… Kind of like the new Conference Center/Hotel popping up next to the football stadium, perhaps?

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