Day: June 5, 2017

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 1, Part One: Stocking Up

The humans are of the opinion that they have earned a vacation.  I could vigorously dispute that, but I’ve agreed to disagree.  Besides, if they go someplace, fun, Sigyn and I can tag along, and WE definitely deserve a vacation.

They were planning to leave today, but I tickled a server in the human male’s domain and he’s had to go up to campus on his day off, so we’ll be leaving late if we go at all.

(later)  Okay! We’re going! We’re not going to make it off the continent this year, or even out of state, but away from the house is away from the house.  Our destination is One of the Larger Cities to the North.

Ehehehehe.   The female is trying to get some work done on her laptop while the male drives.  She’s managing all right, except for the fact that I enspelled her power converter, and she’s going to find when they arrive at their destination and she tries to put it away that I have shrunk the socket on the converter so that her power cord cannot be removed…

And the discovery has been made!  This means that rather than heading for a museum or other fun attraction, the humans are now headed to the Purveyor of Tech Stuff to see if they can find a different, less carnivorous converter or, failing that, a new power cord.

Well, after discovering that the power cords and converters are on opposite sides of this store large enough to have its own zip code, they have ceased productive action and are more or less wandering and shaking their heads at how much tonnage this establishment offers that is in no way tech related.

Well, I suppose if having batteries makes it tech, this over-enthusiastic larva is techy as Hel.


Sigyn is making friends because that’s just who she is.

Um, I’m not sure, but I think this may be a hostage situation.


I always knew that Elmo character would just snap someday.  I’m sorry to be right, but I did try to warn people…

Purchases made, the humans have noticed that it is well past lunch time.  It is also approximately two thousand degrees today, so the idea of a large hot meal holds no appeal.  The female, while searching for dim sum (and failing), has identified a restaurant that will probably serve something light and cold.


If the restaurant has diacriticals in its name, that is usually a good sign of interesting fare.

Sigyn has never had a bubble tea.  If you would like to try one, dearest, you have but to choose the flavor.


This is just what the humans wanted.  Bits of grilled meat, rice noodles, and lettuce in some sort of transparent, slightly rubbery wrapper.  That does look good.


But why are they dipping it in caramel sauce?!  I don’t trust this at all.

I don’t trust this stuff even more:


Sigyn, I know red is your favorite, but where sauces are concerned, it is often a DANGER COLOR.

Your bubble tea is here.  Oh, you got the strawberry.  Good choice.  However, it does not appear to have bubbles or to contain any actual tea, so can we be sure this is an authentic interpretation of the dish?


And what are those black things in the bottom?!  Blueberries?!  Capers?!  Fenrir’s Fleacollar!  I don’t trust anything in this place!

Don’t get too close, Sigyn, until we figure out what they are…


>|: [

(to be continued)