Day: June 9, 2017

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 2, Part Three: A Little Night Music

The humans, after a sorely-needed shower (frankly, they smelled!) and a bit of a rest, are ready to go out again.  Apparently there is a very Important and very Prestigious musical competition going on in this city, and we have managed to acquire tickets.

This undertaking will necessitate making the journey downtown once more.  That is not so difficult.  Finding a place to PARK, now, that is another matter entirely.

Well, they pulled it off.   Here we are, hurrying to find Bass Hall, so that we may claim said tickets.

And here is the hall.  Look, Sigyn!  With a name like Bass Hall, I was expecting fish, but no!  Winged Minions to welcome me as is my due.


Ha!  I have played a prank on the humans.  The ticket office is not open yet!  Now they will have to rush in order to find a place to dine and get back in time to get the tickets.  Time is short and they are wasting time dithering.   What to eat?  What to eat?

Aaand it looks as if it will be tacos this evening.  See anything you like, Sigyn?


Well, this is unusual.  Sigyn is more interested in the green sauce than the red.


Of course, that red sauce is more like brown sauce, so maybe that’s why.

Here are the tacos.  The human female chose fish. Hmmm.   I’m not sure I trust them.  What are the green bits?


We have hurried back to the concert hall and have secured the tickets.  The helpful usherette has suggested to Sigyn and me that if we go up to the Fancy Bar Lounge, we can go out onto the balcony to better observe the Winged Minions.

Up close, they are quite magnificent, especially in the light of the westering sun.


What do you think, my love?  Should I have some like this on my palace when I build it?

Here we are up in our seats.  I believe this is what mortals call the “nosebleed section.”  Still, the view of the stage is uninterrupted, which is good.


Oh, Sigyn, look up!  The ceiling, in keeping with the statuary outside, is all feathery!


The artist has painted two little birds up there among the clouds.  Do you see them?

Let’s see who is on the program.  It looks to be quite the international affair. Hmm.  Rachel Cheung, Eunae Lee, and Sergey Somebodyorother.


(later)  I must confess that I am quite impressed.  We heard three of the competitors and they were all very accomplished.  They were allowed to choose what they played, with the exception of one very clangy modern piece which they all had to play.  Somehow they all made it sound different.  Sigyn and I both thought that the Russian was the most outstanding, though.  I do wonder how it will all turn out!

(Yawn!)  It has been a long and tiring day.  I am sure the humans will drag us around all day again tomorrow, so let us go back to the hotel and dream of hungry koi and melodious pianos.

And Winged Minions.  Must have those.

>|: [