Day: July 5, 2017

Are We Having Fun Yet? (Gaming Weekend Continues)

Some of the games are very simple.  This one, for instance, involves nothing more conceptually challenging than trying to stack felines in prescribed arrangements.  Sigyn is a big fan.


But, as we all know, herding cats can be problematic.


Shoo, you flea-ridden nuisance!  The human female may be in the market for a new pet, but I am most assuredly not.

Sigyn has mistaken the marker things in this game for bars of chocolate.


Uh, yeah. No.

I’ve been handed this piece by the human female.  She says it’s supposed to be an amphora of wine.


*I* think it is a beet.  I hate beets.

Some of the games are more complex.  This one involves piles of lovely, lovely money.


I like money.   I wonder if its owner has counted the coins, or if their disappearance would be marked at all…

Apparently, they are used in the game to finance hypothetical start-up companies.  Sigyn is enthusiastic about this one.


I find this one intriguing.  For some reason, it reminds me of the human female.  (She really needs to stay away from the snack table over there.)


Sigyn!  Look at this game!  It is quite complex and has some rather nice artwork.


It certainly brings back some fond memories from our vacation last year.

This is where we found all the interesting archaeological clutter and trinkets of a hundred vanished empires.


Not to mention a number of fine golden objects which were, unfortunately, a little too closely monitored.

Sigyn liked this place.  It was full of snuff cozies and lacquered bird stumps and parquetry-work onomatopoeia.


Not to mention antimacassared-plumbobs and miniature pearl-handled credenzas.

And, um.  This was the place I wasn’t allowed into.


Didn’t want to look inside your stupid old Byzanto-Venetian, marble-inlaid, mosaic-tesselated layer cake anyway.

>|: [