Day: July 12, 2017

Purveyor of Broken Dreams

It’s been noted before that the Purveyor of Dead Things does actually sell other items.

Case in point:  Each year, the human female’s Prep Staff goes through the microscope slides studied by the students and makes note of anything that needs replacing because it is broken, faded, or just…missing.  (I may or may not have assembled a collection of my favorites at home.  The tapeworm scolex is particularly nice.)  She then compares prices for several different vendors, choosing the one with the best availability, quality, and prices.  When a clear winner emerges, an order is made.

This year, the slide order was awarded to the Purveyor of Dead Things.  The order was completed with no fuss and no tears.  (Well, except for the slides that are on backorder.)

Until the box was unpacked and everyone discovered that I have been working with the Packing and Order Fulfillment folks at PODT…


28 slides shipped, 6 broken.

I’m outraged!  This is pathetic!  With no bubblewrap in the box and a great insufficiency of packaging, there should have been at least 50% breakage.   Clearly, some remedial training is needed.

Careful Sigyn, the edges are sharp.

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