Day: July 13, 2017

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The University simultaneously expects the best and worst of its employees.  Take required trainings, for example.  The humans and their coworkers are required to know and comply with hundreds of rules with regard to Discrimination, Ethics, and Information Safety, but the Higher Ups must assume they are idiots because every year they have to do an online reminder training on every topic.

Each training is meant to take half an hour or so, but there is always an option to skip to the test at the end of each section and whip through it in a jiffy.  All one has to do is get 100% on the test.  If anything less is achieved, one has to sit through every slide in that section before one can try again.

I have had a hand in redoing the training this year.  The human female is about to try the Information Security module.  Let’s see how it goes.

Ehehehe!  I have disabled the “next” feature so that human female, who can read faster than the announcer in the presentation can read out the text on each slide, has to sit through all the words and clever animations.

Oh, dear.  It appears that the slides are not displaying correctly.


Let’s try logging out and back in again to see if that helps.


Not so much.

Oh, well, if she listens, she’ll be all right, yes?


She has skipped ahead and tried the first test.  Ehehehehehe!  I am rolling on the floor here because I put in a “pick all that apply” question and made it physically impossible to select more than one option!  YOU FAIL!!!

So now it’s back to having to sit through the full length of every fractured slide.


And she fails the test again!  I love multiple option questions.

Well rats.  She has figured out that perhaps the course works better with a different browser.  She has switched browsers, completed the course, and fired off a pithy missive when prompted to rate the training.  IT’s repsonse:  “It’s your own fault for not having the up-to-the-split-second latest release of your preferred browser.”

Ooo!  Look at her scream and slam things around!  Looks like it’s time for some Anger Management Training…

>|: [