Day: July 24, 2017

Any Cat But This One

I mentioned recently that since the demise of the humans’ superannuated feline some months ago, they have been entertaining the notion of acquiring another cat.  The female has been conversing with someone at the Vet School that has lab cats needing good homes.  She has also been combing the website of the local animal shelter.

Black cats, white cats, gray cats, orange cats, particolor cats.  Stripey cats, spotted cats, blotchy cats.  Plenty of Callies, Muffins, Kitties, and Felixes.  Some are quite attractive.  Some, I suppose, have mothers somewhere who loved them.  I could take them or leave them, but Sigyn likes them, so I’m not averse to acquiring one.

Not that anyone has asked my opinion, but guess which beast I do NOT want.


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