Things That Go Bloop, Part II: All Wishy-washy and Spineless

Not everything here at the aquarium is a fish.  The collection includes a plethora of creatures that aren’t bothered with the upkeep of a skeleton.

The sign on this one says “leather coral,” but as near as I can see, it’s made of well-organized goo, same as all the others.


Great Frigga’s corset!  What is this thing?!  A kraken, I’ll be bound.  Stand back, Sigyn!  These things are vicious and can punch right through glass!


Oh.  Just a brittle star.  They’re harmless enough.   Hey, little fellow!  I like the snakey legs.  Well done.


Look at this, Sigyn!  The sign says that a seastar can grow back its arms if they’re lost or damaged.


I think I’ll call him “Nubby.”

Eehehehe!  Sigyn has found the itty-bittiest seastar ever!  It’s a six-legger, which is a bit unusual.


Whoa!  This one is even smaller!   Wait.  One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.


This little goober has SEVEN legs. They don’t all match, but they’re there.


Sigyn’s verdict on the Aquarium?  “Squee!” and two thumbs way, way up.

:  )

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