Day: August 1, 2017

Another Mysterious Package

The human female gets packages all the time.  Interesting things like hagfish and potassium chloride and beakers.  Textbooks and microscope slides and, recently, a live tarantula.  Usually, when a parcel shows up, she knows what it is and which vendor it’s from.  Sometimes, though, I just tell the mailroom folks to send over something completely random.

Oooh!  Here’s a likely candidate!   It didn’t come in at the stockroom.  It showed up at the Department’s front office.  Looks like it’s from Fisher Scientific, which wouldn’t be unusual.  The human female orders from them fairly regularly, though she doesn’t remember ordering anything recently.


Wait…  Sigyn—look at the address!  It’s addressed TO Fisher!  And 1114 TAMU?  That is not the human female’s mail stop, and she certainly doesn’t work in the Medical School!


Yet under the little piece of paper I’m standing on, someone has inscribed her name in bright blue ink and included the proper mail stop.  Now the human female is truly baffled and I am highly amused and insanely curious!  Whatever can this be?!  Bright blue question mark, indeed!

Let’s see what’s inside…

Sigyn likes the starch packing peanuts.  She likes that they are biodegradable and thinks they’re fun to squish.


Fisi is under the impression that they are special hyena treats.


Huh.  Glucose test strips for use in a particular brand of glucometer.  Four boxes of them.

Nope.  She didn’t order these!  Someone, somewhere, is looking for them…

>|: [

Epilogue:  They were ordered by an Indian gentleman who is an instructor of Pharmacy at the Medical School.  (His name was on the packing slip.)  He had to drive over from the other side of campus to pick them up.  When he arrived, the building was locked, so he called the human female and she ran down to hand them off.  How the address came to be inscribed as it was is still a mystery.