Day: August 7, 2017


The Powers That Be, deciding that having to deal with laboratory finals, preparing for lecture final exams, trying to hire a new Prep Staffer, and training the two new Prep Staffers is not enough to keep the human female and her coworkers busy, have decreed that the whole office is to be recarpeted!  With four working days’ notice and three days to get everything out of the offices.

Cue the frantic emptying of bookcases, the sequestering of files with sensitive documents, and the filling of lab rooms not in use with everything that cannot simply be shoved into the hallway by movers.

What’s left behind is a sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland of dirty carpet.

Here, under the front office secretary’s desk, we have the Ghosts of Lunches Past.


Also breakfasts and snacks.

It’s easy to see where the copier was.


It’s…it’s almost too gross and gruesome to explore!


Except I’m finding money, so…

>|: [