Day: August 9, 2017

How It Turned Out

After being displaced to lodge with Prep Staff for two days, the human female was tagged and released into her own habitat.  (Her supervisors have hopes she’ll stop chewing the radio collar, but I’m not optimistic.)

Here is the new carpet.


Norns’ nighties!  From a distance it reads as a mottled blue, but up close it’s like the Bifrost threw up.  I am going to be able to camouflage all sorts of dropped paperclips, earrings, and lunch crumbs on this stuff.

Sigyn is tickled, because when the human female put all the do-dads and thingummies back in her office, she brought in a few new items.

Like this teeny-weeny-eeny beakerWhich I defy Sigyn to become trapped in.


Sigyn has just noticed that there is more!



What an astonishing collection of miniature lab glassware!


To quote Sigyn:  “Squee!”


She just needs to find a 5 ml and a 1 ml beaker to complete her set.  The 5 ml is fairly readily available.  The 1 ml size is scarcer than a chilly day in Texas in August.   But this gives me an idea of what to buy her for Yule.

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