Day: August 22, 2017

I Feel Distinctly Cheated

Sigyn and I have eaten more cherries this year than ever before.  And we’ve pulled more cherries this year than ever before. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of finding out whose stem is just that little bit tougher.

The human female has just come home with still more cherries.  I wonder if there are any twin cherries in this bag?  I would love to have another chance at beating Sigyn!

Norns’ nighties!  What’s this?!


There’s only one left, but look, Sigyn!  This was a TRIPLE cherry!  We could have had such fun with this.  We could have let Fisi join, or you could have asked Muffy or even Thor.  Now we’ll never know.

I bet the human female ate the other two just so we couldn’t play with it.  Stoopid human.

Just for that I’m going to go teach the cats how to kick litter out of the box ALL OVER the bathroom…

>|: [