Day: August 29, 2017

Look At All the Pretty Colors

My thanks to those who have expressed concern for my safety.  I am happy to report that the rain has greatly diminished, at least in this exact part of Midgard.  Harvey has been banished offshore, and though he has expressed the intent to return, I have dis-invited him from this part of Midgard.  So far, the rain total at the humans’ house is 19.25 inches, which did indeed do the trick of keeping the human female from being able to do yardwork.  That’s all I wanted in the first place.

Actually, I am not certain that that is the correct rainfall total.  Look at the following images, if you please, keeping in mind that it began to rain on Friday the 25th and the human female only figured out how to get her phone to capture images on the 27th.  (She’s a little a lot technologically impaired.)  Green is a little bit of rain, orange is the heavy stuff.


We are under the little circle cross-hairs.


The humans checked the rain gauge about 10:00 p.m.  After that, it looked like this all night:


The human female was up, goofing off as usual, and listened to the rain beat against the house for hours.


It finally slowed about 4:00 a.m.  When the humans checked the gauge again in the morning, it said a whole 1.75″.  Six hours of steady rain, and that’s it??  I knew that the humans really, really wanted to know the total.  Since I couldn’t control the rain, I tinkered with the rain gauge.  Now it has the funny little habit of not being accurate when it’s raining sideways.  So they’ll never really know.  I have also trained thirsty birds to drink out of the rain gauge at the airport, so that’s no help.

The rain yesterday was lighter, so we didn’t have much fun to look at on the radar:


Just to keep them occupied, I arranged that the human male’s building would have wall leaks on all four floors, and that both humans would need to go into work, even though the University was closed.

It is closed again today. The human female plans to be “productive” around the house.  The male has to drive to Rival Orange City to the West because I dropped his phone (again!) and now the display looks like a copier with dirty rollers that’s running out of toner.  (I may have helped with the dropping.  I’m not saying…)

I… will be thinking and planning and plotting.  I grow bored of this rainy mischief, and it’s time for a new project.

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