Day: September 1, 2017

When Is A Sale Not A Sale?

Last month, I “helped” the human female with her clothes shopping.  If she liked it, they were out of her size.  If she liked it and it was her size, it was grossly overpriced.   She came home with one lousy shirt.

She is now toying with the idea of buying clothes online.  Woman, you know that works approximately as well as trying to get the cats to stop jumping up on the coffee table!  Brave women who pilot orbital spacecraft, adventurous women who hare off in search of the source of the Nile, brilliant women who discover new elements—they all know better than to try to buy clothes online.

Fools rush in, and all that.

I’m feeling a little naughty today and have decided to lend the experience my own special touch.  Oh, look!  One of the purveyors of raiment who does sometimes have things she will wear is having a SALE:


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