Day: September 8, 2017

A New and Unusual Marketing Experience, Part III: In Which the Human Female, Sigyn, and I All Get Our Just Desserts

This has been an edifying, if somewhat confusing and exhausting, shopping trip.  Sigyn, do you not feel as if we have earned a treat?  There are plenty of sweet temptations from which to choose.  The trouble will be beating the human female, whose every third tooth is a sweet tooth, to whatever we buy.

Sigyn is an enthusiastic proponent of cheesecake.  And since the human female cannot consume chocolate, there is a chance Sigyn might actually get to eat some of this.


Mmm.  The human female is allergic to hazelnuts.  Yes,  let us definitely get all of these!


This establishment carries a number of imported items.  These look delectable, and hey! Chocolate again!  Into the cart they go.


One of the quirks of this store is that items come and go.  One can’t always be sure of re-encountering something one has purchased and liked before.  For instance, it was in this aisle that the human female found some heavenly lemon-filled shortbread cookies she would like to inhale some more of.  They were right about…



Oh, too bad!  No delicious, delicious cookies for you!  They’ve gone the way of the ambrosial macaroons and the orange-infused marzipan.

Well, I think we have done just about all the shopping we can for one day.  It remains only to watch the human male pay for all our selections.

And one last quirk.  This shop forces one to “rent” a shopping cart by inserting a quarter into the handle’s chain apparatus.  Upon returning the cart, the quarter is returned.


I’ll just be taking that, thank you!

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