Day: September 27, 2017


The human female, in an attempt to purchase raiment with which to conceal her hideousness, is at the mall, clothes shopping.   It is not going very well.  If she likes it, she can’t afford it.  If she likes it and she can afford it, it doesn’t come in her size.  If she likes it and she can afford it and it’s available in her size, it still somehow doesn’t fit.  (She’s lumpy in all the wrong places.)

She’s been limping up and down the mall for a while now and is feeling peckish.  Time for a snack!  Come on,  Sigyn, let’s join her in the Food Court.

Mmm.  Something smells good!

mall lunch1

In my book, it is always a good time for fried chicken.

She’s eating at a place called Cane’s.  Usually, the humans eat at a chicken place called Layne’s.  They’re loyal customers.  I think I’ll tattle on her and get her blackballed… She’s purchased the Kiddie Meal, as if eating a smaller portion will make it somehow not gobbling.  

mall lunch2

Sigyn has never been known to pass up a French fry.  I think she just likes the fact that ketchup is red.

The Kiddie Meal comes with a story on the bag and a set of “story coins” inside.  One is supposed to put the coins in the blanks in the story to finish it out.  Let me see if I can’t help the human out.

“The human female’s chance of finding jeans that fit are about the same as her riding a purple unicorn across the desert and running into a peg-legged pirate and a penguin.

mall lunch3

Because as long as she keeps visiting places like Cane’s and eating like a horse, her days of being as lithe and agile as a cat are looooong gone.

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