Day: October 2, 2017

Loki, God of Deceptive Packaging

The human female, being singularly lacking in imagination, often has cold cereal for breakfast.  And not even good cold cereal!  No, she has fake Grape Nuts and fake Cheerios.

With skim milk.  (shudder)

A few days ago, though, she noticed her bowl of bland was a little tastier, the milk a little creamier and a LOT richer.   Hmm.   Very curious.

This morning, it’s the same—look at how it coats the spoon!


She’s not a big milk drinker, but suddenly she finds herself craving a tall, cool glass fairly often.   Mmmm.  Calciummmm.

It is a very good carton of milk!  She suspects that what’s in it is NOT skim milk.  No joke, dimwit.

She’s not sure what’s in the carton, whether it’s actually 1% or 2%—or even real, actual whole milk!  

A normal person would just start buying different milk until she figured out what she’s been enjoying  so much.  This mess of insecurities, though, is determined to continue to torture herself with the “healthier,” non-fat stuff.

Ehehehehe!   She blames me, but you know?  She does it to herself.

>|: [