Day: October 27, 2017

A Timely PSA (Sigyn Speaks)

I try to be a cheerful person and dwell on the happy things in life, but every now and then I have to be at least a little serious.  It’s October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I’m serious about taking care of myself and getting my annual check-up.

Are you a little nervous about getting yours?  It can help to have a friend along, so let me walk you through it.  (I’m keeping my clothes on for these photos, because this is a family-safe blog, but you can bet I’ll get my actual checkup afterwards!)

The people at the Women’s Imaging Center are very nice.  They try to make the whole thing as pleasant as possible.  I think they only hire super-cheerful people for the check-in desk.

They give you one of those nifty gowns with the three armholes.


I always get a little confused about how to put it on, and it seems to come in exactly one size — S, for “Swallow.”

You can lock up your purse or whatever you like in one of their little lockers.   Go ahead and keep the key for after.


Hee hee hee!  There’s always a clipboard with an information sheet to fill out, and the pens in this waiting room look like roses!   That’s so cute!


It usually doesn’t take too long to get called back, but there are always good magazines to look at if you have to wait a little bit.


The exam room is dim, and sometimes a little chilly, and the machine is more than a bit scary-looking, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.  It’s just super high-tech.


Everyone here is in the business of saving lives and just wants to make what is a bit awkward as quick and painless as possible.   Please don’t be embarrassed.  Everyone has boobies and yours aren’t the first ones they’ve seen today.

The machine is very squeezy and you have to stay very still…


…but it’s all over before you can say “high-contrast-mammography.”  The technician may have you stick around for a few minutes.  That doesn’t mean anything is wrong!  They just want to take a quick look at the pictures and make sure they got the images they needed—and that they’re good and clear.

All done!   That wasn’t so bad, was it?   If I can do it, you can too!

Don’t forget to give yourself a treat for being brave.  I’m going to meet Loki and I think we’re going for ice cream!

:  )