Day: November 2, 2017

Halloween Aftermath, Part I: Loki Does Not “Do” Floral Accessories

Sigyn had so much fun dressing up as Niniveh  Ninniehammer  Ninjago characters for the candy-extortion holiday that now she is fascinated by everything Oriental.  I confess that is one part of Midgardian culture I do not know much about.

She has been out this morning, exploring the Oriental market.  But it looks like she is back now.   What treasures did you discover, my love?


Oh, well.  Um.  Yes indeed, my dearest.  That is a very fetching parasol.  It is very… bright.

I think you may have a broken rib, though.  That is a shame.  Can you take it back?


Oh. It was on sale.  I see.  Well, then.  Maybe the human female could fix it for you?  She’s not the cleverest person I’ve ever met, but she does have her uses.

Wait!  Where are you going?  Off to fetch the glue and tape?


Oh. You bought me one too.   How… thoughtful,


but no.  It was a lovely gesture, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly I do, but I don’t really need a floral parasol.  It, um, doesn’t go with my outfit.

And I’m so strong that I will probably break it the first time I try to open it.

And I might catch my horns on it.

And besides, it’s one of your favorite colors, and…

Aw,  no!   Sigyn, don’t cry!   Here, look!  I’ve got the parasol.   See?  This is me carrying a lovely floral parasol.   Parasol-totin’ Frost Giant, that’s me!  Hum te tum, humty tumty tumty tum.  Sure do love me a good paper parasol!


Sigh.  Greater love hath no man…

>|: [