Day: December 1, 2017

Quiz Time! Frost Giant or Feline? (Part I)

It’s that time of year.  The semester is winding down, and the students are taking some of their final exams.  In that spirit, I have come up with a little quiz for my readers and fans.

There has been a LOT of mischief in the humans’ house lately.  I’m going to tell you about some of the goings-on, and for each calamity, you need to say whether the culprit was the resident FROST GIANT or the FELINES.  Keep in mind that all three of us are agile, cunning, and highly motivated. 

Question 1:  Who Discombobulated the Doohickey?


The humans are messy.  They’re always wiping up one spill or another and go through vast quantities of paper towels.  For convenience, the towels are kept on a springy rack, much like a giant toilet paper holder, mounted under one of the kitchen cabinets.  The springy bit I’m standing on has ceased to be springy, meaning that the towels won’t stay on and keep falling into the dish-rack.  The humans are going to have to unscrew the whole contraption and purchase another.  Given that  I like to annoy and the felines have been known to jump up on the counters — FROST GIANT or FELINES?

Question 2:  No Dinner For You!


The humans have been invited to several weddings.  The invitations somehow became BURIED in the piles of paper upon the dining table.  They recently resurfaced but, as you can see, the window for responding has long passed.  Given that it would tickle me to see the humans done out of a meal and the cats have been known to park their furry behinds on the dining table — FROST GIANT or FELINES?

Question 3:  Something Nasty is Missing


The human female clenches her teeth in her sleep–I’m sure I don’t know why.  What has she to be stressed about?  (Ehehehehehe!)  Recently, her mouth-guard has gone missing from its case.  It’s very possible she forgot to put it in there one morning.  Given that I think a monstrous dental bill for cracked teeth would be funny and that household pets for some reason love the taste of dental appliances — FROST GIANT or FELINES?

Question 4:  Lost and Found


The human female likes to do fancy needlework.  She has several pair of small, sharp scissors for such tasks.  She likes to keep them stuck to her big task lamp with a strong magnet.  Over a month ago, this little black pair disappeared.  They resurfaced today, in the bowels of the sofa, where the human female was hunting for her mouth guard (and where she had already looked.)  The scissors appear to be fine, but where is the large, oblong, hand-crafted ceramic bead that used to be on the fob?  There’s no trace of that.  Given that I’ve been known to hide her scissors before and that Flannel Cat was observed swatting at the fob on more than one occasion — FROST GIANT or FELINES?

To be continued…

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