A Little Somethin’ Extra

The humans have been out and about tonight.  Now it’s late, they’re tired, and they’re hungry.  By Volstagg’s beard crumbs, whatever shall they do?!

Chef Cao to the rescue.  One order of orange shrimp and one of tofu with vegetables coming right up!  The humans always ask them not to put in any of those little soy sauce packets.  That stuff is nasty.

Sigyn, let’s see how well they followed instructions tonight.

Not very well, apparently.


But at least there are only five packets.  Once they put in ELEVEN!  Watching the humans fish them out of the bag was like watching clowns get out of a tiny car at the circus.



We do like to get the fortune cookies, though.  Even when the fortune is silly, the cookie is usually good.  Ready, my love?


Let us rend it asunder and see what our fate is!


Splendid!   Can I invent one without the human female in it?

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